Eyebrow threading is something most people like, once they get the hang of it. Their reasons for it include minimal pain, quick procedure, and great results – especially in the long term.

But, you ask, why is it important? What does it do for your face, apart from shaping your eyebrows (which a dozen hair removal methods can do)?

A number of things, actually. Here’s why eyebrow threading is important, and why it’s the best hair removal method today:

Natural Look

You don’t want to end up with uneven eyebrows that scream ‘botched waxing job’, or overly plucked eyebrows that look like stick figure birds. Threading is a very controlled, organic process, and it ensures a smooth, natural look. You want soft-looking, symmetrical eyebrows (or maybe you don’t – no judgment!), which threading guarantees.

Pain-Free Procedure

It’s your face. It is sensitive, and it’s what people notice first about you. It’s always uncovered, on display. As such, you wouldn’t want a facial procedure that’s very painful or damaging, because then you might bleed, or get swollen, red eyebrows. Threading, when compared to the other popular options, is very mild and painless.’

Adaptive Process

People and their preferences change. If the latest trends dictate pointy, arched eyebrows or thin, flat ones, threading gives you the option to change your style. It’ll take time, but it’s possible, and the result will be as good as ever. This is something other methods such as microblading can’t offer.

So, if you want a pain-free, adaptive procedure that gives you smooth, beautiful eyebrows, threading is the way to go.

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