Do you take appointments or walk-ins?

We only take walk-ins. We feel that threading is a fast process and it is easier for someone to just drop-in when they need a brow touch-up or any of our other services. Please visit our services page to see all the services we provide.

Where are you located?

We have two conveniently located salons in Boston. One is in the historic Beacon Hill and our original location is nestled in the beautiful neighborhoods of the South End. Please visit our locations page to find out exactly where we are located and our hours.

Do you offer eyebrow tinting?

Yes we do! It is one of our more popular services. We only use professional sourced tint dyes. We can match any color you would like. Read more about what tinting is and what to expect with our blog post What is Eyebrow Tinting?

Do you offer men’s threading?

Of course we do! We welcome everyone. We want to make the world a browtiful place! Read why you should ditch the razor for thread at our blog post Threading – Hair Removal Method For Men.

Is threading better than waxing?

We think threading is the indisputable winner. Here’s why: Less margin for error, a quicker simpler process, and it is less painful. For a more in-depth reason why we think threading is better than waxing please read our blog post Is Threading Better Than Waxing? Why?

Are there any recommended aftercare tips?

The most effective way to soothe your skin after the threading process is to use either also vera, rose water, or ice. For a more in-depth aftercare guide please read our blog post How To Soothe Your Skin After Threading.

Can I do threading if I use Accutane?

Yes! It is one of the safest hair removal methods for someone using Accutane. Threading does not use any type of caustic chemicals, waxes, or lasers. Thread gently removes just the hairs leaving the surrounding skin untouched. We only use organic and natural cotton and thread. For more in-depth coverage of why threading is great for Accutane please read our blog post Accutane Treatment and Threading.

Is threading safe when you are pregnant?

It is one of the safest hair removal methods when pregnant. There are no caustic chemicals and it does not introduce new and potentially hazardous elements into your body. For a more in-depth coverage can be found at our blog post Pregnant Women: Safest Hair Removal.

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