There are numerous methods of facial hair removal. Waxing, tweezing, threading, laser hair removal – and a half dozen others. But which one’s the best? Or rather, which one’s better among threading and waxing?

We think threading is the indisputable winner. Here’s why.

#1 – Less Margin For Error

Threading is better than waxing because it’s a more controlled process. Hairs are removed a few at a time, by carefully squeezing them between intertwined strings. Have you ever tried waxing your eyebrows at home and ended up with large chunks of hair missing? Eyebrow pencils might save the day, but drawing an eyebrow on is time consuming, and the natural look is always best. Threading, being a very controlled process, is much less likely to go wrong.

#2 – Quicker, Simpler Process

Of all the facial hair removal methods, threading is the quickest and simplest. All you need is the right skills, a long piece of thread, and a mirror. If you’re quick, you can do it within a couple of minutes – as most professionals do. Waxing takes much longer, as you need to wait for the wax to melt, apply it, allow it to try, and then rip it off.

#3 – Not Messy Or Wasteful

Another reason why threading is better than waxing, is because it isn’t half as messy. While waxing, you’ll need wax strips, or – much worse – hot wax. It’s extremely messy, and generates a lot of waste. Threading poses no such problems. There is no mess to speak of, and the waste generated is minimal – which is something we’re rather proud of. It is the cleanest method of facial hair removal in its price range.

#4 – Less Painful

Waxing has two main factors that contribute to its painfulness. First, the scalding temperature of the wax, and second, the fact that many hairs are pulled up at the same time. As neither of those factors is involved in threading (and the process itself isn’t too painful), it is significantly less painful than the former. We’ve had clients sit down with fists clenched, and relax visibly once the process begins. It’s not as bad as people expect.

So, what do you think? Agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments below! Any questions on the subject please stop by at our Boston threading salon. Location and hours of our Boston threading salon is available here. You can also follow us on instagram, for weekly articles about threading and about our salon in Boston.