Eye Adore Threading, Boston’s premiere threading salon, uses organic thread and our clients often ask us about it. Is organic thread very different from ‘normal’ thread? How is organic thread better?

So, we thought we’d answer those questions in this blog post.

#1 – Why Organic Threading Is Better?

The first thing that makes organic thread better is the fact that it has no chemicals. No pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers or GMOs are used in growing organic cotton, so the thread made with it is completely chemical-free. So if you’re allergic to those chemicals, organic thread is a safe bet, to reduce skin irritation. It’s also safer for beauticians who practice threading by holding one end of the thread in their mouth.

#2 – Other Benefits Of Organic Threading

The other benefits of organic thread aren’t for you in particular, but for the environment. As the public grows aware of environmental issues, they are taking steps to prevent them. Growing things organically means that the environment is not harmed as much. Using organic products does offer us some benefits, but for the most part, it’s about adopting better practices to help the environment, and humanity.

#3 – Benefits For Wildlife

For instance, as pesticides and herbicides are not used, wildlife is not harmed. Furthermore, less water is used in growing organic thread, so you’d also be helping in water conservation as well. For cotton to be labeled as organic, it needs to obtain a GOTS certification. The full details about the certification can be read here– but to summarize, the farm needs to treat its workers fairly, and not harm the environment.
We work towards a sustainable future. Do you?

Have you tried out organic thread? What was your experience? Tell us in the comments below! Any questions on the subject please stop by at our Boston threading salon. Location and hours of our Boston threading salon is available here. You can also follow us on instagram, for weekly articles about threading and about our salon in Boston.