People have become aware of environmental degradation and the effect of pollution, people have started to wonder how their everyday activities might be affecting the environment. Many activities that we don’t think twice about go on to have a staggering effect.

The Question

Hair removal is a regular activity – done as often as every day in the case of shaving. Does it hurt the environment? Does threading harm the environment?

The Answer

Fortunately, the answer is no. Threading is an eco-friendly hair removal method. All the products and waste materials involved are fully biodegradable, and since the process is manual (as opposed to electrical), it does not use non-renewable energy either!

The Benefits Of Threading

It actually gets better. There is no need to wash the skin after threading, so there’s no chance of water being wasted.
Sadly, the same can’t be said about other methods of hair removal.

Wasteful Hair Removal Methods

Shaving involves the use of shaving foam or gel, which is usually chemical-based, and can harm water bodies when it washes off into them. Chemicals in water bodies make the water undrinkable, and can kill marine life. Hair removal creams are the same. Both usually come in disposable plastic containers, which adds to the plastic pollution problem.
Waxing uses energy (stove-top or microwave) for melting the wax, and wax strips – especially readymade ones – are often made of plastic. The wax itself comes in plastic containers, and wax strips are often encased in plastic bags.
Epilators are usually made of plastic, and they use electricity, which is a non-renewable energy source.

In conclusion, if you care about the environment, threading is the way to go! It is a perfectly eco-friendly hair removal method. Spread the word, and do your part in helping save the Earth.

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