I first opened the doors to my brow salon in the South End at the end of December 2018. Honestly, I was unsure if the South End was the right choice for my salon since it opened in the dead of winter and was on a less-traveled path. As they say, Spring is the season of new beginnings, the change of weather finally opened a new chapter for the salon. As several months passed, my clientele grew, and I realized the South End was the perfect location for my salon, and my nagging doubts soon faded. Clients were seeking me out, not just the few repeat clients but a slew of new clients, making me feel on top of the world! Before coming to the United States, I was born in a small city on the outskirts of Kathmandu, Nepal. Do you know how far Kathmandu to Boston is? 7369 miles!! I missed my family, my friends, and my culture. The only things that kept me going were the many friends in Boston I had made and all the exciting and friendly people I met through my salon. My hard work and long hours paid off, and I opened a second salon in Beacon Hill. I owe all my successes and personal growth to my family, clients, employees, and everyone who has ever believed in me. I am honored to have won the Best of Boston 2022 award for eyebrow shaping. Dhanyabad

You can read the full write-up by the staff at Boston Magazine for our award of Best of Boston 2022 Eyebrow Salon/Shaping HERE

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