Having trouble deciding which brow lamination procedure is best for you and your brows? We all want insta-worthy brows but picking the correct procedure is the first step in achieving your awe-inspiring brows. Here at Eye Adore Threading in Boston, we offer 4 types of brow lamination procedures. This might be a bit overwhelming especially if you have not done this procedure before but don’t fret! We are here to take the guesswork out of your decision! Remember that you can always add or subtract services based on your conversation with our technicians.

Be aware if you decide that you would like tinting please let us know right away. Tinting has to be done in a certain order during brow lamination if not then tinting can’t be applied right after the brow lamination procedure. This is due to the chemicals involved. 

1.) Brow Lamination

Maybe you have seen those jaw-dropping brows that are all over Instagram. Have you always wondered how those inspiring brows are achieved? Brow lamination and also a good technician! At our salon, we use a chemical that pulls and straightens the hairs of your brow. Think of it as a kind of perm for your brows which create a fuller eyebrow.

Be aware that your brow shape after the procedure will be slightly different from your natural shape. In our experience, most people will opt to do threading after to create a more even brow shape.

2.) Brow Lamination + Tinting

This is a great procedure if you have naturally light brow hairs or your brow hair is a little bit sparse. Tinting will create even a fuller effect in conjunction with the brow lamination procedure. Be aware that your natural brow shape will be altered during the procedure. This can lead to a fuzzy or uneven brow shape. If this occurs threading can also be added as an additional service at the end of the procedure. 

3.) Brow Lamination + Threading

If your natural brow hair is full and on the darker side (btw I am jealous of you) this would be an ideal procedure for you. Some of our clients like a more natural look and that is alright with us! After your brows are straightened our technician will shape and thread the perfect brow to suit your style and face shape. 

4.) Brow Lamination + Tinting + Threading (The Whole Package)

For someone that wants it all! If you have sparse and/or light brow hair and would like a more dramatic look this is for you! In our experience, this is the most popular package with our clients and that is for good reason. After leaving our salon you will be truly insta-brow famous! 

If you would like more information about what brow lamination exactly is and what it does please read our blog post Eyebrow Lamination. Also, read our aftercare tips here to make sure your brows are in the healthiest and best condition possible. 

Decided which procedure is the right choice for you? Great! Book now to secure your appointment for the best brows of your life!

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