About Us

Eye Adore Threading is a threading salon located in Boston with locations in the South End and Beacon Hill. Eyebrow threading is one of the chief services offered by us. Some others include eyebrow cleaning, facial threading, and neck threading.

   We are a recently established but rapidly growing business, with plans to open salons in other areas of Boston soon. We use fully organic products, and give our clients top priority. We pride ourselves on being one of the best threading salons in Boston.

  Although threading is our main service, we are much more than just a threading salon. We want to understand our clients, to do our best to ensure their needs are met. We’re the one-stop shop for all your facial hair removal needs.

We take our work seriously. Threading is more than a hair removal method – it’s a precise science. We map out your face (eyebrows, face and neck), determine the best way to thread it for maximum impact, and then bring our plans to life. We aim to create beautiful, lasting results.


Eyebrows are an integral part of a person’s face, and well-crafted, clean eyebrows can work wonders for a person’s appearance. We want our clients to have perfect eyebrows suited to their facial features and personality, that’ll complement their looks and bring out the best in them.


Akriti : Owner/Perfectionist



Akriti Shrestha Maes has a deep love for threading. She believes that it’s an ancient practice which should be revered and kept alive. This, combined with her innate skills in threading, encouraged her to open the salon in late 2017.


We do eyebrow threading in Boston. This includes eyebrow cleanup, which is a quicker simpler process, and the more nuanced eyebrow shaping. Our price for eyebrow threading is $15, and you’re guaranteed eyebrows that look stunning. Take a look at our social media feeds, for pictures from happy clients!

We also do facial threading, which includes the forehead, chin, upper lip and sideburns. Baby hairs pop up on your face and make it appear unsmooth – especially in bright light – needing more make-up than usual. Threading can get rid of the fuzz, and your skin will look like it’s glowing. Our prices for these services range from $10-15 each, and $45 for a full face (including eyebrows).